"A Trading Floor for Special Lines Insurance"
Welcome, Creative Underwriters features world class special lines insurance risk placement performance. In our 35 plus years in business, we've seen a lot of changes in the market, the economy, and the way insurance is marketed, underwritten and serviced. We've moved with those changes and continue the special lines adventure with our outstanding staff of dedicated insurance professionals. Since 1976, it has been our pleasure to be here every working day offering a trading floor experience for special lines risk placement needs of retail insurance agents.

We offer retail agents access to some of the worlds largest and most dynamic carriers. Transportation, Garage, and much of P&C require very special expertise to underwrite, service and administer. We carefully develop the careers of our lead underwriters over time and they continually mentor their team associates so as to always be developing further depth and allowing a broader risk appetite.

We are now licensed in 46 states and offer real time service capability and a friendly voice. We assist retail insurance agents in placement of Transportation, Garage, and Property & Casualty risks. Our focus at Creative for Trucking and Garage comes naturally since we are located here just north of Indy, the "Cross Roads of America". Our authority and market availability varies from state to state with our broadest spectrum being here in the Midwest.

Integrity - Innovation - Dedication - Experience

Creative Underwriters... Your Trading Floor for Special Lines Insurance